Functional models

alpha modellbau checks functional properties using functional models.

Checking components using a functional model is an important part of developing a future product. Physical properties and characteristics that have an important influence on functions are tested, checked and optimized here. The functional application by the user is often in the foreground and is usually determined by dimensional checks. Functional models are often built using materials that will later be used in series production.

alpha modellbau builds your precise functional model.

Adapted to the required functionality, alpha modellbau also produces functional models using high-precision molded parts that are created on various CNC milling machines (5- and 3-axis CNC milling machines). The highest level of accuracy is required here, which alpha modellbau also lives up to, because functional model making often produces components that are integrated into complex assemblies.

alpha modellbau – Movable, sophisticated, functional models.

Creating functional models and kinematics requires precision in various areas. Individual components, which are not only well designed but also built, meet the requirements here if they are finely tuned to the entire product and the movement sequences are self-explanatory and run smoothly.

alpha modellbau – Processor control as part of moving and non-moving functional models.

Precision engineering in combination with processor-controlled electronics enables alpha modellbau to meet complex requirements. The pure optics of the model is an important part of the task, but is only complete when the moving and non-moving parts of the model fulfill their task through the processor control. Discuss the requirements with alpha modellbau and find or implement the solution.

alpha modellbau builds highly complex functional models.

By building functional models, alpha modellbau checks, among other things, the installation of certain components in certain assemblies. A wide range of requirements are checked here and promote the dynamic process, which is based on putting products through their paces before they are ready for series production. alpha modellbau seeks and finds solutions here not only for individual items or workpieces, but also in connection with all the components and assemblies relevant to the project.

alpha modellbau knows the market and is prepared for the future.

At alpha modellbau, many years of experience and know-how in functional model construction form the basis for CAD construction and CNC-supported construction of precise functional models and kinematics. alpha modellbau solves these complex tasks.

As a family-run model making company whose team has grown dynamically and is still growing , alpha modellbau is available to you with a large portfolio of services and happy to advise the client beyond their requirements with its own ideas.