Design models

alpha modellbau develops complex design models.

You can formulate new ideas. But it is better to visualize them. This is irreplaceable if you want to convince someone of this idea. alpha modellbau helps with the three-dimensional implementation. Often starting with a sketch. Dimensions, volumes, proportions and surfaces as well as shapes can be checked here. For individual components, but also for entire assemblies. alpha modellbau has the knowledge, the basic technical requirements and the manpower to meet simple as well as complex model making requirements and to implement them using the optimal production process.

alpha modellbau builds your design model in your desired size.

If the size has not yet been determined, design model construction is the best way to use simple volume models to define which size is optimal for the project or product to be realized later.

Some product-technical requirements stipulate that design models even have to be built in oversize in order to realize detailed facts, such as those to be visualized in the micro area. Most design models are built on a 1:1 scale or in their original size. Even if such models become very large and cannot be transported in one piece or exceed a certain complexity, they can be divided, built and delivered in assemblies.

alpha modellbau processes a variety of materials.

Do you need a simple volume model made of foam or a highly detailed CNC-milled presentation model made of a wide variety of materials for your design draft?

alpha modellbau GmbH in Germering near Munich produces precise, high-quality design and presentation models based on your data or sketches. Many types of materials are used for this, such as plastics (Ureol, acrylic glass, PVC, POM, PU materials), wood and metal materials (aluminium, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, sheet metal).

alpha modellbau develops a wide variety of surfaces.

Most design models only appear on the outside through the surface and thus unfold their full radiance. alpha modellbau uses the highest quality paints and processes surfaces in the best possible form so that the perfect outer skin is created for your model. In design model making, on the one hand, the wishes of the customer are fulfilled, on the other hand, suggestions are made and solutions are found that support and promote the effect of the design model through the right selection or processing.

alpha modellbau makes the design model your own.

Your brand strengthens the product and the product strengthens your brand. Your company logo on the product, in the right size, in the right place and with the right design, will be implemented by alpha modellbau as you wish. Deepened, raised, lasered, printed or milled. alpha modellbau will make suggestions if you haven‘t made a final decision yet. alpha modellbau also realizes your surfaces in product graphics. Additive structures and graphics as well as integrated graphic elements can be realized here.