alpha modellbau – specializing in prototypes.

alpha modellbau in Germering is a company that specializes in the construction of prototypes and models, as well as small series. The company was founded more than 25 years ago and has since developed into one of the leading providers in this field. Both small individual parts and larger structures can be produced. This is particularly useful when it comes to special individual parts or custom-made products that are not required in large quantities.

alpha modellbau develops and tests.

Prototype construction is an important part of alpha modellbau‘s work. By building prototypes, new products and concepts can be tested and further developed in small numbers before they go into mass production. This is particularly important to ensure that the end product meets customer requirements and is error free.

Another focus of alpha modellbau is test series construction. Larger quantities of a product are manufactured here in order to test and optimize it extensively. This is particularly important to ensure the product meets the high quality standards required for mass production.

Overall, alpha modellbau offers a variety of options for the production of prototypes, small series and test series in the field of model building. Through the combination of the latest technology and qualified employees, the company is able to produce high-quality products – often on a real scale – in a short time and thus offer customers the best possible support.

alpha modellbau has a wide range of manufacturing technologies.

alpha modellbau has a wide range of manufacturing technologies to be able to produce prototypes in different materials and in different sizes. These include, for example, CNC milling, 3D printing, foundry and many more. The company works closely with its customers to ensure that prototypes meet requirements and meet expectations.

alpha modellbau helps with visualization and presentation.

In addition to building prototypes, alpha modellbau also offers model making services. This includes, for example, the construction of product models, functional models, machine models and architectural models. These services are often used by engineers, designers and architects to visualize and present new projects.

alpha modellbau supplies individual solutions – also in the implementation.

Overall, alpha modellbau in Germering is a powerful company that offers its customers high-quality prototypes and model making services. With its wide range of manufacturing technologies and its close cooperation with customers, the company is able to develop and implement individual solutions.